At Custom Process Solutions we specify in many varieties of speciality chemicals.  These products go through a double filtration process to guarantee our clients get the cleanest chemicals for application.  Each batch is also labeled and numbered to help our clients with any further questions they may have regarding their order. We Ship our products in Steel or Plastic open head drums, boxes, or totes to meet your company needs.

(Silicon & Cationic )


Defoamer-Non-silicone/Silicone defoamer’s for textile dying and finishing.


Dispersants- Versatile state of the art products designed to provide the industrial laundry a value added garment after processing.


DWR- Both floro and soil for both cotton and synthetic fibers. C6 chemistry


Dye Leveling Agents- Leveling agents for all types of dying including cationic, acrylic, and reactive dyes.


Enzymes- Both Cellulose and Amaylase products for denim wet processing. 


Polyester Resins- This concentrated product allows for an easy let down and provides excellent results on several fiber types including cotton rich and synthetic fabrics


Softeners- Cationic Softener with lubricating properties for 100% cotton and Polyester/Cotton Blends. 


Wetter’s-An effective scouring agent and penetrant. The excellent penetrating properties make this product useful even for dyeing those marginally prepared or difficult to wet out goods.


Wiking Agents- A polyester resin that provides a hydrophilic nature to polyester fiber in 100% polyester or blends of polyester/cellulosic fabric.


Water Repellants – Both floro and non-floro repellent for all fiber types.

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